High Priest

Jim Dickinson is a Third Degree Initiate of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and has been practicing Wicca for 30 years. He is a founding member of the ASW, having been a member of its first coven, Keepers of the Holly Chalice. He later founded and served as High Priest for the ASW's Coven of the Rowan Star (founded in 1992) and Guardians of the Windsword (founded in 2002). Both are based in Georgetown, Dand are vibrant and healthy covens within the ASW today. Jim is a ritualist, magician, priest and teacher that draws on qabalah, astrology, sweat lodge, divination, divine possession, shamanism, and anything else that works, is of positive intent, and can be used within a syncretic Wiccan practice.

Jim has a BS in Behavioral Science and MS in Health Promotion. He is currently retired. He has worked for the Delaware Division of Public Health (managing the statewide HIV Prevention Program and was in the fight against HIV/AIDS since 1987). He has provided health and wellness programs for the incarcerated and has worked to investigate and mitigate violations of person and property within the disabilities service system. He has a very wide range of interests that includes, in no specific order: counseling, architecture, design/tinkering, human sexuality, construction, gardening, regular bouts of thinking, media as art and influence, writing, music and singing, and ethical, spiritual evolution of decent human beings! He lives with his husband of 27 years, Michael Smith, and their husband of 2 years, Andy Keiss, on Herne's Hollow and a wider intentional family on Seelie Court in Georgetown, DE (also known by some as ‘The Delaware Daddy Enclave’ and ‘Our Gayborhood’).

Acting High Priestess

Valerie Thompson has been a member of Guardians since 2008. She recently completed her second-degree work which focused on working with the dead and dying. In addition, Valerie enjoys ritual writing, psychic development, qabalah and shamanic journeying.


Valerie lives in western Sussex County with her husband Dan; their son, Liam; their two dogs and five cats. She has recently returned to school to complete her bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and hopes to open her own construction firm in the future. She enjoys sewing, hiking, camping and the occasional video game.

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