Due to the Corona virus pandemic, all open events have been cancelled until further notice. Please practice social/physical distancing, wear face masks as you are able and wash your hands frequently. Try not to touch your face, mouth or eyes before you wash or disinfect your hands. Please take this pandemic seriously and make sure we save every life we can, including our own. Blessed be!

We are a coven within the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel that acts to embody and uphold the Assembly's Vision and Code of Ethics. We are spiritual warriors dedicated in service to God and Goddess in the new Age of Aquarius. We are devoted to magickal and spiritual exploration, religious and philosophical scholarship, and the achievement of dynamic integration of all aspects of the self. We work to promote the spiritual evolution of our members, our families, our friends, and our brothers and sisters in the Western Magickal Tradition, of which we are a part. We are spiritual and magickal warriors who honor and respect the sacred call to guardianship of the Earth.

GWS Statement of Purpose

We are Guardians of the Windsword
Wielders of the Aquarian Blade
Ours is the Warrior Heart
Bound in Honor and Love
The Lord and Lady bless us
With Service to the Spirit
Of our Coven, Our Tradition, Our Tribe
May their Will be our will
For the Highest Purpose
Of each Spirit we Serve

We are Guardians of the Windsword
We Seek the Power between Hod and Netzache
Between Discipline and Ecstasy
Descendant of Keepers of the Holly Chalice
Born of Coven of the Rowan Star
Air Coven of the Circle of Aquarius
First Coven of the Second Circle
Within of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel
We live the Spirit and the Magick
to re‐enchant the World
We are Guardians of the Windsword
© Guardians Of The Windsword 2020