Guardians of the Windsword is a healthy and vibrant coven of those seeking spiritual growth through the ethical practice of magick in a Wiccan religious and spiritual context.

We offer educational classes and/or rituals almost every month and identify additional events that we will be attending and at which we can meet and chat with interested folks. They are opportunities for us to offer what we know to the community, for us to learn from the community and, as important, for us to get to know others of a like mind that might be looking for a working group.

Interested folks will get to experience one another in educational and ritual space, and usually in social space before and after. Our goal is to present the best of what we know in a way that everyone, whether interested in approaching the coven or not, can walk away with more knowledge, skill, and a good time! All schedules change, however, as life is unpredictable. Please check the calendar of events regularly for updates and read on for more information.

We are accepting letters of intent to join the on an on-going basis and we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you!

After many years of experience, we have come to the following:

We ask that you submit a letter of intent to the HP/HPS that shares:

  1. The reasons why you would like to join a coven
  2. What expectations you have about being in a coven
  3. What experiences have led you to Wicca and to the Guardians of the Windsword.
  4. Any questions you have right up front.

We will share the letter with everyone in the coven and let all know you are interested in getting to know us better. We ask that you then attend as many of our open events as you can for 4 months. Members of the coven will make a special effort to introduce themselves. This will allow all of us to meet, experience one another in workshop and ritual space and for you to see how we work magick, worship, play... As soon as is reasonable after the 4-month 'get to know you' period, the HP/HPS will schedule an appointment to speak with you. This will be a free-form conversation to share any questions, concerns, fears, or delights that have come up for any of us.

If after submission of your letter of intent, completing the 4 month getting-to-know-you period and the interview with the HP/HPS, you are sure that you would like to join us, the HP/HPS will consult the coven's patron God(s), Goddess(es), and the group mind. If there are no objections from the group mind and/or our patron God(s) and Goddess(es), we will schedule an interview for you with the whole coven.

At this interview everyone will share what they wish to about themselves and will get to ask any remaining questions, concerns, or expectations. After the interview, the coven will discuss your application. If there are no serious objections, you will be welcomed into the group at the next possible opportunity for a good ritual!

We try to make sure that this process takes no more than 6 months, but much of that depends on the applicant. Special arrangements can be made for times when there are not open events scheduled for you to attend. Just contact Gaelan, submit your letter and we can work it out from there.

Not everyone who approaches the coven is able to join - for a variety of reasons. There is one absolute reason for rejecting a petitioner: the knowing and deliberate use of baneful magick or practice of a negative creed.

It sounds like a long process, but it really can be summed up by: introduce yourself, take about six months to get to know us, and chat a bit. We have found this to be the best and most successful way to grow a coven at a safe and sane pace. It makes for a happy, healthy, and magickally strong group.

© Guardians Of The Windsword 2016