Our High Priest

Jim Dickinson is a Third Degree Initiate of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and has been practicing Wicca for over 20 years. He is a founding member of the ASW, having been a member of its first coven, Keepers of the Holly Chalice. He later founded and served as High Priest for the ASW's Coven of the Rowan Star (founded in 1992) and Guardians of the Windsword (founded in 2002). Both are based in Georgetown, DE and are vibrant and healthy covens within the ASW today. Jim is a ritualist, magician, priest and teacher that draws on qabalah, astrology, sweat lodge, divination techniques, divine possession, shamanism, and anything else that works, is of positive intent and can be used within a syncretic Wiccan practice.

Jim has a BS in Behavioral Science and MS in Health Promotion. He currently works for the Delaware Division of Public Health, managing the state's HIV Prevention program and has been working in the fight against HIV/AIDS since 1987. He has a very wide range of interests that includes (in no particular order) counseling, architecture, design/tinkering, human sexuality, construction, gardening, regular bouts of thinking, media as art and influence, writing, music and singing, and ethical evolution of decent human beings! He lives with his beloved of 20+ years, Michael Smith, and his intentional family on Herne's Hollow at Seelie Court in Georgetown, DE.

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